FDIS Accredited Fire Door Inspectors

FDIS Accredited Fire Door Inspectors

Blog by Acuity Compliance

20 April,2023

Acuity Compliance Limited are the only FDIS Accredited Fire Door Inspectors currently based in Liverpool. Our fire inspectors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Fire Doors and have surveyed in a wide variety of buildings, including student accommodation, NHS Trust Buildings, office blocks, private residential buildings, industrial and manufacturing plants.

Utilising our bespoke surveying software, our inspection criteria is very extensive to ensure all the required data is collected for every door we survey. Post the inspection, we issue a comprehensive and detailed report on each door individually, with specific recommendations for remedial works to improve. Our inspectors use their experience and knowledge to recommend the best ways to remediate doors, so they are compliant, and are always on hand to offer support and advice post survey.

FDIS Accreddited Fire Door Inspectors

Our inspectors are regularly audited by an external 3rd party accredited auditor to ensure they remain competent and up to date and in a position whereby they can offer our clients the best and most current advice to help our clients be compliant.

When you appoint Acuity to carry out your Fire Door Inspections you can be sure that you’ll receive the most competent inspectors, delivering the most comprehensive reports, with appropriate advice and recommendations to assist you in remaining compliant.

Who can inspect fire doors?

The fire safety reform from 2005 stipulates that only qualified inspectors are allowed to carry out fire door inspections. If you haven’t heard of FDIS Accredited Fire Door Inspectors before, they are recognized by the British woodworking federation as being the most qualified in being able to carry out fire door inspections.

Each fire doorset should undergo a thorough visual inspection that includes looking at:
  • Signage
  • All door hardware
  • The hardware’s condition, fit, and operation
  • The hinges
  • Operation of any hold-open devices
  • The spaces between the leaf and the frame
  • The door Leaf
  • The locks and latches making sure that the doors are functional
  • The vision panels, the glazing, and a look at how well they work
  • Cold smoke and intumescent fill
  • Door closer
  • The appropriate markings to determine the doorset’s fire rating
  • The door frame
  • The materials used to install the doorset, and whether or not they are suitable