What is a Fire Compartmentation Survey?

What is a Fire Compartmentation Survey?

Blog by Acuity Compliance

19 April,2022

The world of fire safety can feel daunting, and you may not know where to start. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you navigate these uncharted waters.

Fire is a very real risk in everyday life, so it’s vital to be prepared for all eventualities. To limit damage, and save lives, one of the best methods would be to ensure your building has adequate fire compartmentation.

Various buildings, on construction, are designed and built to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke and assist in the containment of a fire where it starts. This process is referred to as compartmentation.

When constructing a building, specific care and thought are taken and special fire compartment walls, floors, and ceilings are used.

Over time you may add further rooms such as extensions to the property, or naturally as your building ages issues may arise. It’s likely that there will be breaches in the compartment walls, meaning they are not performing as they need to.

What’s included?

It’s vital that this work needs to be completed by a team or individual with the relevant qualifications. They need to be a trained and a competent person. Not only that, it’s essential that they have knowledge of the construction industry.

The Fire Compartmentation Survey goes into a lot more detail than your standard fire risk assessment. The survey includes:

  • Assessment and inspection of the compartmentation process
  • Inspection of compartmental mechanisms including attics/basements, walls, floors, etc.
  • Review of the current state, and recommendations based on British Standards

How can Acuity help you?

Our team of experts is specialists in Fire Compartmentation Surveys. They are trained to spot penetrations and recommend areas of improvement. They will provide you with a thorough document that outlines the issues and allows you to go to market for the relevant fixes.

If you’re looking for a Fire Compartmentation Survey for your peace of mind, get in touch today and speak to the team on 0330 124 6815.