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We offer fire risk assessment in liverpool, here is they are important as a fire risk assessment is a planned inspection of your buildings to identify if there are any fire hazards that could cause significant harm. the risk assessment process helps you to estimate the level of risk and reduce any dangerous hazards as required. At Acuity Compliance, our team of fire risk assessment specialists will offer you the best advice and assistance throughout this process in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for your building’ occupants. Our services are available to customers in Liverpool and surrounding areas.

Do you know if your building needs a fire risk assessment?

The Fire Safety Order 2005 is the law that refers to general fire safety in England and Wales. As a building owner, employer or occupant you are known as the “responsible person” and it is necessary that you carry out a fire risk assessment regularly. Fire risk assessments in Liverpool can be done as a separate process or as a part of a general health and safety risk assessment.  If there are less than 5 regular occupants in a building,  the Fire Risk Assessment does not have to be written down, however, we do recommend having a Fire Risk Assessment document, as this is the best way to highlight the findings and to ensure that the fixes recommended are being carried out.

Fire Risk Assessment in Liverpool – What to expect?

Depending on the fire risk assessment findings , the ‘responsible person’ has to make sure that required measures are taken to reduce life threatening risks in the event of a fire. An efficient fire risk assessment should help to identify the potential causes of a fire and what are the main sources of heat or ignition.

At Acuity Compliance we have a comprehensive and efficient fire risk assessment process in place to help you and your organisation maintain compliance with current legislation:

  • Inspect – our trained and qualified Fire Risk Assessment Inspectors will visit your site in Liverpool and carry out a complete assessment.
  • Report – we use our findings to put together a comprehensive but easy to understand document detailing the needed actions to achieve compliance with current legislation
  • Consult – once the report has been issued, we will continue to provide you with our expert advice to help you carry out the actions needed.

To see what our clients in Liverpool have to say about our expert fire risk assessment services, please take a look at our case studies page.We also offer fire risk assessment in Manchester and Oldham.

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