Does Your Company have a Fire Evacuation Plan?

Does Your Company have a Fire Evacuation Plan?

Blog by Acuity Compliance

3 August,2021

No one expects a disaster or an emergency, but planning for it goes a long way in ensuring that
your employees and visitors are safe. Do you know how to coordinate a safe evacuation in the
event of a fire? What if some of the occupants are differently-abled or cannot speak English?
What if your workplace is a high-rise with multiple sets of stairs, which can make accessibility a

If you find yourself scratching your head for an answer, fret not. That’s where a fire evacuation
comes in handy. In this post, we explain why your business needs a fire evacuation plan.
Let’s begin!

The Need for a Fire Evacuation Plan
Disasters and emergencies including fire emergencies can occur anytime. During an emergency,
especially a fire, your biggest concern is to ensure that your employees and your business remain
protected. When faced with an emergency, most people don’t know what to do and where to
begin? This can result in a disorganised evacuation procedure that could lead to property
damage, confusion and in some cases, injury.

Preparation is Everything
The right way to respond to an emergency is to prepare for it even before it happens. When you
plan ahead, you can minimise the impact of a fire emergency and even save lives. When a crisis
strikes, very few people can think clearly. That’s why it’s important to prepare in advance, when
you can think clearly.

A good fire evacuation plan will ensure you and your business are prepared for fire accidents and
unexpected emergencies. When everyone knows what their responsibilities are during an
emergency, they can respond swiftly, quickly and confidently.
So what is a fire evacuation plan? It is a plan that spells out all the steps you must take during an
emergency. This allows you to protect your employees and visitors from any imminent threat or

HSE Mandates an Evacuation Plan
The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) requires that all businesses keep an Emergency Action
Plan on record and that the plan should outline in detail the evacuation procedure. Any business
with more than 10 employees should have a written copy of the fire evacuation plan where staff
can easily refer to it during an emergency.

Acuity Compliance Can Help Keep your Workplace Safe

Our team can help create a fire evacuation plan tailored to your business and property. If you are
looking to safeguard your premises and staff during an emergency, we offer a complete fire
prevention solution. Talk to us today for a free quote! Our fire risk assessment and fire prevention
services are available in Manchester, Liverpool, and surrounding areas.